Businesses for Tougher Climate Change Laws: Secure Trading Ltd


Businesses are moving forward faster on climate change than ever before. Businesses are for tougher climate change laws to increase UK plc. What about your own business? What steps are you taking to grow it successfully? What’s your preferred merchant services provider? Is it Secure Trading Ltd or another processor?

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Businesses on Climate Change Laws

The biggest companies in Britain have called on Government to legislate tougher climate change goals, while the International Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) is presenting its special report.

According to Nick Molho, head of the Aldersgate Group, UK businesses can play a significant role in accelerating emission cuts. Also, they can greatly contribute to the development of new clean technologies and services, which will be more demanded by the world economy.

Steve Waygood from Aviva Investors notes that the long-term negative financial consequences of associated with the climate change are much greater as compared to the short-term financial risks of transitioning to the Paris Agreement.

The UK plays a dominant role in the world when it comes to tackling climate change, reducing emissions by over 40% since 1990, while also growing the economy. By the way, this can’t be said about any other G7 country on a per-person basis.

Merchant Services: Secure Trading Ltd

Some of the biggest names in the UK include both financial services and the high street, and they’re among 30 firms that’re pledging to take action to tackle climate change during the 1st ever Green GB & NI Week.

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This year, the UK has already provided record levels of solar and offshore wind and has spent 3 days without using coal to generate electricity. Besides the UK has launched its nuclear sector deal. The current situation shows that the number of businesses seizing the opportunities presented by this “clean-growth” revolution is increasing.

When it comes to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, it’s announced up to £7 million funding to support smaller businesses to boost energy efficiency projects to be launched in spring 2019.

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