5 Reasons to Implement Secure Digital Automated ID Authentication


Today, people use several different types of digital ID. Many digital identities depend on the old login template; composed of username and password. Often, because of this impersonal model, users hide their actual identity with anonyms names.

Believing in these unreliable types of digital identification opens a major vulnerability for cyber fraudsters and hackers.

There is a growing development in enhancement of secure digital Au10tix ID Authentication resources, based on automated authentication of documents, biometric data, and trusted partners. See below which are the top 5 reasons that drive change in the security of digital IDs:

  1. Greater need for convenience and mobility

It is because:

  • 75% of internet usage is now via mobile devices
  • 70% of users say they like more reliable digital identities
  • 66% of respondents say that more secure Digital ID solutions encourage increased transactions in the digital environment
  1. Increased demand for security and confidence

It is because:

  • 43% of mobile users feel anxious that their digital identity will be stolen or used improperly
  • US $2 billion is the amount lost with the identity frauds that happen at the moment of registering new clients in the mobile operators
  • 20% of the frauds in the telecommunications sector are related to false subscribers and to the theft of identity
  • 3% of mobile operators’ results may be lost due to identity fraud
  1. New regulations
  • SIM – The GSMA recommends compulsory registration of pre-paid SIM cards, requiring users to give valid evidence of identity – to help reduce security concerns by avoiding fraud and criminal behavior.
  • KYC – Mobile operators must comply with “Know Your Customer” regulations – verifying the identity of the customer when activating the account, using secure document and data verification solutions.
  • eIDAS – European regulation to ensure secure digital identification features for electronic transactions. Companies should also follow the local regulations imposed in their region.
  1. The increase of automated identification systems
  • Accelerating change within identity service providers such as mobile operators, social networks, equipment manufacturers, banks, governments, etc.
  • Union of all players
  • The mobile operator is the ideal service provider to play the role of aggregator of the secure identity service.
  1. Au10tix has the technology for digital transformation

Our technology helps simplify customer registration, verify identities, and create a single, secure digital identity that includes data capture, automated document verification, and biometrics along with implementation of cross-channel content strategy.

Talk to the experts at Au10tix about implementing secure digital identity solutions for your business. They can offer secure digital identity services for mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, and certified and practical digital service providers for their customers – by creating digital identities and making your business a trusted provider of identity services.